4 Free stuff for them, free fans for you

Free stuff for them, free fans for you

We all love getting stuff for free. And corporate branded gifts are a fantastic idea if you want to make people love you as a brand. But, have you ever noticed how many options there are if you want to create one? If you work in marketing, or study marketing to work with it in the future, here’s a small guide to make the best gifts.

What to give

Choosing to give corporate branded gifts can be tricky. If you go to a website that makes them, you’ll see the options are almost infinite. And as a marketing responsible, you have to make sure you will be giving the right free stuff so people will like your product more. The first thing you want to think is where you are going to be giving it. If you’ll be at a sponsored event, you shouldn’t be giving the same things you would give if you were at a random corner in the street. The more related you get to the moment the person receives your gift, the better. Because you don’t want them to remember you, you want them to remember that moment. Your name (logo, brand, etc.) should be in the gift, and the moment, the exact moment they received free stuff, should remain in their memory.

How much to give

Sometimes you can just say, “I can afford a thousand, so let’s make a thousand”, but have you ever heard of exclusivity? Maybe you can afford a thousand units, but if you make only a hundred people feel special, instead of making a thousand people feel normal, then the voice will spread faster about you. Those hundred will be talking about the moment the other 900 missed, instead of everyone just receiving something, and not talking about it because everyone was there.

Does free stuff really work?

Well, it is up to you. Don’t give it out just because. Make people feel special. Make them feel like they were at the right time in the right place, and if it works, they will talk about you for free, just like the things they got from you.